Spring 2023 Field Trip Schedule

When birding, we will do our best to abide by the American Birding Asociation's Code of Birding Ethics.
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Printable version of our 2023 field trip schedule

  • All events are open to the public.
  • All events are scheduled for Saturdays unless otherwise noted. Note: meet time as some may be in the evening.
  • Many areas besides Retzer have no restrooms.
  • Watch your email, club web page, and club Facebook page for details.

Every Friday in Spring
Mar 31 - June 9
7:00 AM


Join us Friday mornings in spring as the naturalists from Retzer Nature Center and Benjamin Goss Bird Club members set out to discover who’s chirping on the trails. Meet in the parking lot of Retzer Nature Center for 2 to 2 1⁄2 hour hike around the property. We’ll explore habitats, welcome back spring migrants and check on our year-round residents. We have seen 50+ species on a single hike in the past. Binoculars are available on a limited basis.
There is NO FEE for attending and no reservations are needed.

Sunday, April 16th
8:00 AM

Area Lakes and Ducks

Meet at 8:00 AM at Brewers Two Coffee Shop on Wisconsin Ave. in Pewaukee across the street from Pewaukee Lake. We will begin by checking Pewaukee Lake and then proceed to scope other area lakes for ducks and early migrants. Tim Hahn will be the leader for this field trip.

Saturday, April 22nd
7:00 AM

Vernon Marsh

Meet at 7:00 AM in the parking lot at the end of Frog Alley Rd. (& maybe later to Benson Rd.). We will be hiking a fair way for this one, and keep in mind, there are no bathrooms in the area. This is the largest marsh in Waukesha County and a migratory hotspot with a vast variety of waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors and much more.

Saturday, April 28th
7:00 AM

Lulu Lake Preserve
N9564 Nature Rd, Eagle, WI 53119

Meet at 7 AM. Parking is limited, so car-pooling is suggested. No parking on the road is allowed; however, there is a small parking lot on the west side of Nature Rd, just a short distance south of the Lulu Lake entrance, if the lot is full. Anticipated birds include a nesting Osprey, possible Purple Martins, and many migrants that pass through here, including cuckoos. This area has beautiful vistas. A great diversity of 212 birds has been seen/heard at this hotspot. The Preserve paths are not always mowed, so be prepared for possible wet grass and wear waterproof boots or shoes. Mariette Nowak will lead this trip.

Find a pdf map of the property and surrounding roads here: Lulu Lake Map

Saturday, May 6th
7:00 AM

Community Spring Bird Count - Retzer Nature Center

Recommended for ages 8+, registration not required. Open to anyone. (Coordinated by Spence Stehno. Goss Members please contact him if you can join in for a few hours that morning.) Join us to scout all areas at Retzer Nature Center for year-round and migrating bird species during the Annual Retzer Spring Bird Count. All skill levels are welcome. Bring your own binoculars or use Retzer’s. Meet at 7:00 AM in the parking lot area nearest the learning Nature Center building.

Sunday, May 7th
7:30 PM

Whip-poor-will Walk

Meet at 7:30 PM at Horse Trails crossing on Piper Rd. 1.3 miles east of Hwy 67. Anne Moretti will lead us in our quest to find Henslow’s and Grasshopper Sparrows along with a couple other species. The chance to hear the Eastern Whip-poor-will is a special treat!

Tuesday, May 9th
8:00 AM

Fox River Sanctuary / E.B. Shurts Nature Center

Meet at 8:00 AM at E.B Shurts Building. This city park is a great place to find miscellaneous spring birds including warblers, vireos, thrushes and others along the Fox River. Colleen Resendiz will be the leader for this field trip.

Saturday, May 13th
All day

Ben Goss Bird Club - Waukesha May Count

Jasonn Weber is the coordinator of this annual event covering a 15-mile diameter circle divided into several sections with leaders for each. This a great way for less experienced birders to learn from the veterans and share in our common joy of birding. This event technically starts at midnight for those birders that seek owls, and goes until 11:59 that night, but come for whatever part you want. Most birders begin in the morning and bird until they have covered the area or run out of steam, so come for whatever part you want.

May 19-21

WSO Convention

No club events this weekend, but we encourage anyone who is interested to attend the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology Convention being held in Waukesha.
For details visit: wsobirds.org

Saturday, May 27th
7:00 AM

Paradise Valley SWA

Meet at 7:00 AM in the parking area located at the end of Kincaid Lane, two miles west of Dousman. We will gather at the viewing platform and scope for waterfowl, raptors, and early migrants before hiking 0.6 miles or so on level terrain out into the wetlands along old farm lanes. Spence Stehno will be our lead person for this fun and exciting location. We hope to see a different suite of birds a couple months after our initial spring visit with full migration occurring.

Saturday, June 3rd
7:30 AM

Where the Birds Are - South Kettle Moraine State Forest

Meet in the parking lot for the Scuppernong Hiking and Ski Trails – we’ll carpool from there. Targets are Hooded Warbler, Alder Flycatcher, Cerulean Warbler, Bobolink, Dickcissel, and Lark Sparrow.

Saturday, June 10th
7:00 AM

Horicon Marsh

Meet at the Park N Ride on Hwy 67, just off the Hwy 16 bypass north of Oconomowoc. We'll carpool to Horicon Marsh from there.

Saturday, June 17th
7:30 AM

Kettle Moraine State Forest - Mukwonago River Unit

(old Rainbow Springs property) Meet at 7:30 AM in the parking lot on Hwy LO east of Hwy E in Eagle. This large piece of land has a river, streams, several ponds, 2 lakes and much more. Birds of all sorts call this place home or migrate through it. Over 160 species have been spotted on this land which lies in both Waukesha and Walworth Counties. Nick Mimmier will be the field trip leader.

Saturday, June 24th
7:00 AM

Retzer Nature Center

Back to our home base for a nice stroll around the property. Meet in the parking lot at 7:00 AM. Goss Members will be waiting to lead you on a morning of birding that is always fun. The Bobolinks could be holding flight school for their young around that time, preparing them for their long migration south. See you there!

2023 Spring

Midweek Events

For those who cannot make the weekend events or for those spots hopefully less crowded than weekends, we will be offering 3 or 4 scheduled or pop-up events.

Pop-up Possibilities:

  1. Along the Ice Age Trail in Hartland for spring warblers
  2. Fox River Sanctuary
  3. Lulu Lake
  4. Wind Lake Sod Farms
  5. Pennsylvania St./McMahon Wetlands
  6. Other Surprises...